Our Beer

Small-batch brewed in Cobourg, ON
Keep refrigerated and enjoy fresh!

Core Brands

Cliff Top Pale AleCliff Top Pale Ale

Cliff Top is a salute to the tradition of West Coast North American Pale Ales. It features a blend of locally- grown Northumberland County hops over a simple, but delicious malt foundation. If you desire craftsmanship and balance in your glass, this is your choice.




North Shore AleNorth Shore Ale

North Shore Ale is an accessible showcase of beautiful hop flavours without overpowering bitterness. Beautifully blonde in colour, it provides an opportunity to enjoy the unique flavours of our locally-grown Northumberland County hops. Crisp and delicious.




Red Sky Amber AleRed Sky Amber Ale

Red Sky Amber Ale is an exciting demonstration of what a skilled brewer can do with a broad spectrum of barley malts. From pale base grains, lightly roasted caramel malts and darker chocolate malts, this beer combines a tremendous balance of caramel notes and light hop bitterness into a full-flavoured brew.




Great White Buffalo Belgian IPAGreat White Buffalo










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